How many more lives could you impact with 100's of extra hours?

New generation. New tools.

It's 2021, why are you still using paper to coordinate your volunteer program? Stop wasting your time with needlessly laborious manual processes. Stop living with the fear that you might misplace or lose a waiver, signature, or any other important compliance document.

Volunteer Driven features

Volunteer Driven brings powerful scheduling, volunteer communication and qualification tracking in a flexible yet easy to use product.

Volunteer Management

With Driven's world class CRM as the foundation, Volunteer Driven allows you to efficiently track your volunteers, both past and present. You or your volunteers themselves are able to manager their registration, availability, preferences for volunteering, and notable qualifications. It's an all-in-one system that covers every aspect of volunteering!

Volunteer management features include:
  • CRM
  • Registration
  • Volunteer Preferences
  • Qualifications
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Program Tracking

Approve or deny volunteers for any specific role, and optionally require checking in on arrival (easily handled with our mobile app). Track volunteer hours with built-in gamification that encourages your volunteers to engage with your organization. Take notes and conduct impact tracking on every event to make it a cinch to report on your programs' impact to stakeholders and to learn more from your events.

Program tracking features include:
  • Kiosk and App Based Sign In
  • Track and Approve Hours
  • Notes and Impact Tracking
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Digital Records and Compliance

Volunteer Driven will automatically keep records and compliance related documents and materials logged, stored, and securely saved in the cloud. No more riffling through drawers of paper and panicking for a moment before you find that waiver you need to produce. It's all available at your fingertips.

The product also features frictionless digitization, i.e. you don't have to scan in documents, your volunteers can simply snap a photo with their phone and send it to you!

Digital records and compliance features include:
  • Waiver Signature
  • Police Check and Other Records
  • E-Learning and Training Delivery
  • Approval Workflow
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Volunteer Portal and App

Scheduling and communicating with your volunteers has never been easier with powerful self-service options for your volunteers, including a web portal and mobile app.

Your volunteers can sign waivers, submit documents, and update their profile information and preferences wherever they are.

Features include:
  • Self-Serve Functions
  • Web Portal
  • Mobile App
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Scheduling and Events

Volunteer Driven lets you easily maintain a detailed schedule of your volunteer calendar. Organize events by type and setup onetime events or recurring shifts.

Track the number and types of volunteers needed for each event and see how close you are to fully staffing an event quickly! Create requirement templates to organize each event and ensure you have the right people for the job every time!

Scheduling and event features include:
  • Calendar
  • Events Management
  • Templating
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Keeping everyone in the loop is a cinch with Volunteer Driven! For both one-on-one and mass communications, Volunteer Driven lets you connect with your volunteers with just a few clicks, via email, text, or even live chat!

Communication features include:
  • Email Broadcast
  • Text
  • Live Chat
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The Driven Experience
Gold-Standard Support

When you invest in Donor Driven, we simply will not allow you to fail. That's because your subscription includes unlimited training on both specific features of Donor Driven—and on best practices in general—at no additional charge. This can save some organizations thousands of dollars a year.

Your tech support is provided by people who had a hand in creating Donor Driven—not anonymous call-center operators. Our support staff are intimately familiar with the platform and how it works, so we can help with on-boarding, troubleshooting, and every aspect of using the software.

More than anything else, we appreciate the exceptional support and service provided by the Driven team.

The software is user-friendly. It has been custom-designed to meet the unique needs of Habitat for Humanity Ontario Gateway North and yet the complexities are not evident in use. The design is intuitive, streamlined.

I wanted to take a moment to thank Driven and to say how easy it's been to leverage the software and work with the team, our lead there is, David Saraiva, and he's been absolutely fantastic about making sure we had everything we needed to really do justice to what we're trying to do... It truly has been a breath of fresh air and didn't have to do with a lot of the normal concerns around setting up a donor management contact system. So thank you, Driven.

Free Customization

You don't have to settle, if the software isn't perfect for your needs. There is never an up-sell for customization with Donor Driven. Our mission is to make sure you have the tools and training you have to meet your mission.


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