Kiosk and App based sign in

Optionally require volunteers to check-in to confirm attendance at a volunteer event. Perfect for large, complicated events!
App based check-in requires the volunteer to be physically present at the time of the event to check-in.
Kiosk mode allows you to setup a tablet or computer at your location and have volunteers check in as they arrive.

Track and approve hours

Built-in gamification tools allow volunteers to move through a freeform level progression as they volunteer for your organization more. Get your volunteers interested and invested!
Volunteer hours can be automatically assigned post event, or require admin approval to be confirmed.

Notes and Impact Tracking

Record notes and other important information on volunteer profiles so the entire team can stay informed about your volunteers.
Keep a record of anything important that happens at an event with notes tied directly to the event.
Freeform impact reporting allows you to track outcomes or specific actions taking place at events, and then roll up these results into data that can be incorporated into a yearend impact report.

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