Atomically organize all volunteer information into one clear and concise picture. Allowing you to see any volunteer’s complete history with your organization in a single click.
Easily track volunteer interests, abilities, and qualifications. No more shuffling through endless notes and excel files trying to remember who has the right class of license to drive the bus, or who has returned a police check!
Customized to your volunteer program, Volunteer Driven allows you to add custom attributes to track the crucial data unique to your organization. Shape the system to your organization, not the other way around.
Connected out of the box. Volunteer Driven automatically passes volunteer data to other Driven products, allowing you to build a better picture of your organization’s data.


Volunteers do all the heavy lifting, instead of your staff entering volunteer data, your volunteers submit their information on sign-up.
Let your supporter’s sign-up how they want to, Volunteer Driven supports sign-ups from mobile applications, online web portal or on-site kiosks.
Admins can also enter new volunteers to help accommodate those who aren’t interested in using technology. It’s all about making things as easy as possible for you and your volunteers.

Volunteer Preferences

Configure volunteer preferences to match your organization’s needs. Volunteer Driven adapts to how your volunteer program runs.
Volunteers can easily set their interests and the times they are available to volunteer with a few simple clicks.
Administrators can invite volunteers based on interest and availability, taking the guesswork out of volunteer recruitment!

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