How many more lives could you impact with 100's of extra hours?


Stop using manual entry or inconsistent import tools to transport e-commerce and in-person financial transactions into your CRM

Driven Commerce with our optional Point of Sale add-on now allows you to connect e-commerce purchases and in person sales and donations directly to your database, saving time and giving you a precise picture of your donor data.

Driven Commerce Features

Tired of manually entering sales and in person transactions or importing them via problematic connectors? Driven Commerce has a powerful suite of features to empower your organizations digital and real world sales and is connected directly to the Driven ecosystem. Leverage sales and in person transactions in real time, move faster and make better data driven decisions.

of Sale

Connect your gift shop or other storefronts directly to your CRM and track purchases along with donations. Never spend hours manually entering or struggling with problematic import tools after a gala or in-person peer-to-peer event again! All transactions are instantly in Donor Driven the moment they are processed, allowing you to leverage powerful automations, reporting tools, and more.


Sell products (virtual and real) online and seamlessly connected to the Driven platform. Track purchases to Donor Records, offer member discounts and easy checkout to logged-in members, streamlining purchases like never before. All on an application that lives on the same platform as the rest of your software suite, making your data simple to leverage anywhere.


Intelligently match Donors based on their credit card number. The system will automatically attribute in person payments to an existing Donor account. If the Donor is new, that’s no problem! The payment terminal will collect the Donor’s cell phone number and send a text message with a special link for them to send their tax receipt / contact information directly into the CRM.

and Discounts

Flexible discount and coupon codes allow you to offer flat "X dollars off” discounts, percentage-based discounts, "buy x get x free” promotions, and more. Sell more products, reward your loyal customers, and offer members automatic discounts when they are logged in.


Connect to your preferred shipping service and automatically generate accurate shipping rates during check out. Never lose money on shipping products and deliver a fair and accurate price for shipping to each and every customer.


Connect both in person and e-commerce transactions to Driven and have the data flow into your CRM automatically. Leverage purchase and donation data together for powerful reporting and informed decision making.

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