How many more lives could you impact with 100's of extra hours?


Spend more time empowering your members and less time wrestling with software

Member Driven takes the headache out of complex association management. Put your dues on autopilot and empower your members to communicate and collaborate in ways you never thought possible.

Member Driven features

If you dread logging into your association management software because it feels like a time-wasting hassle every time you do, then we should talk. Even the most complex dues setups are a breeze to manage with Member Driven. What's more, the platform comes with a complete end-to-end suite of features to manage everything from communication to document storage.

Membership Management

Like many of our products, Member Driven's experience is powered by a world class CRM that makes membership management smooth and painless. Even the most complex membership structures are no problem for Member Driven, including family and corporate accounts.

CRM features include:
  • Member Types
  • Dues and Payment
  • CRM
  • Engagement Tracking and Metrics
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Documents and Collaboration

Your members will never have to hunt through pages and pages of documents again. Member Drive features powerful document management functions that will make finding a specific document among thousands a snap!

Your remote committees and working groups with also love the productivity our real-time document authoring and other group collaboration tools bring to the table as well. It's never been easier to keep everyone involved in a group project on the same page!

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Unify your communications with Member Driven! Communicating with your members has never been easier, as on-platform email, regular mail, and text message broadcasting allows you to segment and reach out to your membership by almost any criteria. But wait, there's more! Member Driven also simplifies your member-to-member communication. Gone are the days of manually managing a listserv or Facebook group. Our hybrid listserv / forum technology allows your members to communicate with each other how they want to communicate and automatically removes and adds members based on their subscription.

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Security and Backup

Security is not an afterthought at Driven, from two factor authentication to selecting security focused partners for our core platform infrastructure. We work hard to ensure you will never be part of the next security breach headline.

Data you can trust is part of any secure environment, that's why Driven features regular automated backups to ensure that if anything ever does happen, we've got you covered!

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Events and Conferences

Streamline registration and attendance of both your regular meetings and complex events like conferences. Support member and non-member pricing and many more powerful event management features.

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Analytics and Integrations

Engineered from the ground up to ensure you can access and report on literally any data point you want, the Driven platform frees your information from the complicated barriers other systems have that makes getting the information you want very difficult.

The Driven Platform has been designed from the ground up to integrate with any platform, if there is something our platform can't already do for you (hard to believe I know!), we'll figure out how to integrate with your favorite platform, to make sure there are zero data silos!

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The Driven Experience
Gold-Standard Support

When you invest in Member Driven, we simply will not allow you to fail. That’s because your subscription includes unlimited training on both specific features of Member Driven—and on best practices in general—at no additional charge. This can save some organizations thousands of dollars a year.

Your tech support is provided by people who had a hand in creating Member Driven—not anonymous call-center operators. Our support staff are intimately familiar with the platform and how it works, so we can help with on-boarding, troubleshooting, and every aspect of using the software.

Amazing customer service. If you want a website that truly reflects your business and draws people to your business, definitely that's the engine you want to use... The transition was very easy. We get a lot of positive feedback from our membership around being able to go in and assess some of the relevant resources that they use in their jobs.

We are a unique non-profit. We are a member organization that also holds fundraising events for our grant-making functions. We have a medium sized database, but we were not tracking donations efficiently. We found everything we needed to solve not only our DB issues, but also an all in one hub for almost everything that we do. Loved the customization that we could have with this product. The developers never said no to any request that we made! It is easy to use and improvements keep coming.

Free Customization

You don’t have to settle, if the software isn’t perfect for your needs. There is never an up-sell for customization with Member Driven. Our mission is to make sure you have the tools and training you have to meet your mission.


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