The National Shrine of St. Maximilian Kolbe at Marytown is a Catholic pilgrimage site and sacred space in Illinois and ministry of the Conventual Franciscan Friars. Marytown offers daily Masses, Conference and Retreat Center, Gift Shop, outdoor prayer gardens, and many ministries. The mission is to serve the Gospel and the Church by forming Eucharistic disciples in prayer, evangelization, works of mercy, and Marian consecration in the spirit of St. Maximilian Kolbe.

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The Challenge

Despite their important role in the community and status as one of the most important pilgrimage sites and sacred Catholic spaces in the US, Kolbe Shrine had a problem with their donor management tools. In fact, they had several problems.

  • They were operating on a legacy system many years out of date.
  • Online giving was not connected to their CRM, meaning every single donation that came in needed to be manually re-entered by staff.
  • Their database was plagued with duplicate profiles and obsolete info, held together by workarounds that made training new staff a nightmare.
  • They were coming to the end of the subscription period with their poorly functioning software platform, but felt trapped into staying with them because transitioning to another system seemed too daunting.

Losing uncountable workhours performing frustrating duplicate and manual work and unable to access the information they need to make data driven decisions, they knew their system wasn't working for them. They needed to find a new solution fast before that subscription ran out, or resign themselves to more of the unfortunate same for the foreseeable future.


The Solution

After an extensive nine month search, with time to find an alternative running out and a large amount of data to clean and organize, Marytown's prospects were looking grim. That's when they discovered Driven. Our software offered solutions uniquely capable of meeting all of their challenges, specifically:

  • A fast and painless data importation and implementation process.
  • The ability to take all of their data, identify the duplicate and superfluous records, sanitize the database and relieve them of years worth of headaches and frustrations practically overnight.
  • Integrate a new online fundraising portal seamlessly into their existing site that was connected to their CRM.

The Result

Implemented in a matter of weeks, Driven represented a transformation of the way Marytown handled their donor data.

With a completely streamlined donation-to-receipt process, automated tools to handled previously manually completed tasks, Driven was able to win back those untold workhours their staff used to spend manually entering donations. Their database then went from a 450% duplication rate to a 1% duplication rate, allowing them a true look at their donor base for the first time in years.

During their first year using Donor Engine, Kolbe Shrine saw a 25% increase in fundraising. In Q1 of 2020, they've seen an astounding 100% increase! As the staff leverage more and more of Donor Engine's tools, the benefits keep growing.

The real surprise though? Driven REDUCED their software costs compared to re-subscribing to their previous vendor.


We have seen, truly, a return for our funds that has made a great impact here. I would recommend Driven to any non-profit organization.

Director of Development,
Meg Bonham

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