How many more lives could you impact with 100's of extra hours?


Comprehensive Donor and Fundraising Management

Donor Driven empowers you to automatically cultivate emotionally and financially meaningful relationships with your supporters, whether they've purchased just one t-shirt or become lifetime benefactors.

Every aspect of Donor Driven is fully customizable, so you can easily find, view and make use of your data for the biggest impact. And one shared database and comprehensive integrations ensure that your data is always available to you.

Donor Driven features


Never forget a volunteer's birthday or a supporter's previous donations again with the industry's most powerful Constituent Relationship Management (CRM) product.

  • Get a 360-degree view of every donor, organization and individual connected to your organization.
  • Keep donors happy by automatically remembering what's most important to them, and respecting their preferences.
  • Gather, store and analyze in-depth, actionable data during every interaction.
  • Easily segment your data so you can recognize your best donors and market to new supporters.
  • Reduce errors and keep users accountable with robust audit logs of database changes.
CRM features include:
  • Smart Data Management
  • True All-in one CRM Records
  • Activity Timelines
  • Tasks, Notes, and Activities
  • Much More!
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Events and
Peer to Peer

Easily plan, promote, implement and analyze events and fundraisers, including peer-to-peer campaigns and events, cost-effectively—right from your dashboard.

  • Seamlessly sell tickets to galas, golf tournaments and more, without juggling third-party applications.
  • Make it easy for participants in peer-to-peer events like walkathons to boost donations through their social channels and email via a database-integrated web-based interface you provide.
  • Automatically attach each constituent's attendance history to their records to help with target marketing and relationship-building.
  • Easily send updates and reminders via email or SMS without ever leaving the platform.
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Marketing and Communication

Get more response from more donors and more engagement with constituents with professional, highly-targeted, integrated marketing and communication campaigns.

  • Save money and time when you stop paying for expensive third-party solutions that don't share data with your CRM.
  • No more time-wasted switching between applications or copy/pasting data into your CRM from a marketing platform.
  • Easily create, launch and analyze email and direct mail campaigns from inside your CRM.
  • Automatically track results of every campaign to refine strategy and/or messaging.
  • Track donor communication preferences, so you always send donors information in the formats they prefer.
  • Log all regular mail letters automatically on donor profiles.
  • Automatically track campaign based fundraising seamlessly integrating online campaign donations with offline campaign donations.
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Security and Backups

Stop worrying about embarrassing, expensive data breaches, website outages, and loss of reputation.

  • Industry-standard two-factor authentication helps keep hackers at bay.
  • Relax! Regular, automated system backups give you peace of mind in case of disaster.
  • Thorough screening and vetting of our data partners and vendors ensures they have the same high security standards that you do.
  • Easily comply with data security and privacy regulations and laws, and avoid costly fines and settlements.
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Say goodbye to inefficient, cobbled-together workarounds, sticky notes and applications that don't talk to each other.

  • Take the anxiety out of fundraising with easy-to-use tools that can help any staff member become a development all-star.
  • See the value of every donor at a glance, and get a real snapshot of historical trends for more accurate future projections.
  • Stop worrying about data breaches when you get rid of all the logins, contract renewals and support contacts for other applications and websites.
Fundraising features include:
  • Easy, Secure Donation & Purchase Processing
  • Donation Forms and Payment Processing
  • Moves Management
  • Grant and Pledge Management
  • Batch Entry
  • Telemarketing and Face-to-Face
  • Online Fundraising Pages
  • Text to Donate
  • Offline Gift Entry
  • Receipting and Acknowledgement
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Analytics and Integrations

Break out of frustrating data silos to make data management and analysis easier and more efficient.

  • Easily view and analyze any data point in your database to make intelligent, data-driven decisions.
  • Eliminate error-prone re-keying, copying and pasting of data between different applications and documents.
  • Generate comprehensive, customized, professional reports highlighting the data that's meaningful to you and your organization.
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The Driven Experience
Non-profit management software can take your organization to new levels of fundraising, professionalism and impact—but only if you successfully adopt and efficiently use it.
Gold-Standard Support

When you invest in Donor Driven, we simply will not allow you to fail. That’s because your subscription includes unlimited training on both specific features of Donor Driven—and on best practices in general—at no additional charge. This can save some organizations thousands of dollars a year.

Your tech support is provided by people who had a hand in creating Donor Driven—not anonymous call-center operators. Our support staff are intimately familiar with the platform and how it works, so we can help with on-boarding, troubleshooting, and every aspect of using the software.

I truly appreciate working with the team at Driven! They are all outstanding in their professionalism, customer service, and teamwork not only within their company but with the clientele as well. They respond to any email/request rather quickly. They are open to ideas and invite you to share them as they value the feedback of their clients. In fact, they have already implemented some of our ideas. They have a system that is both user friendly and very efficient.

The benefits have been multiplying through the entire process. The entire Driven team is remarkable to work with. The ability to create and customize and eliminate any barriers to succeed. Fast and professional communication always. The Driven team is looking out for their clients and constantly improving on every level for the benefit of the greater good. We love working with them.

Free Customization

You don’t have to settle, if the software isn’t perfect for your needs. There is never an up-sell for customization with Donor Driven. Our mission is to make sure you have the tools and training you have to meet your mission.


Skeptical? We don't blame you

We get it. Most non-profit CRM vendors' websites look and sound alike. The donor management systems all seem to have the same basic features. So how can you really tell whether a solution is easy to use or simple to customize? How can you be sure our system will work with your processes and culture? How will you know it does everything you need it to do? How do you know you'll love working with us?

The quickest and easiest way is to schedule a free customized demo of Donor Driven to see how well it can work for you. Simply click here and get our team working for you today.


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