Unconnected disparate systems cost your organization money. This is a fact, not speculation. Up until now, you had two choices:

  1. Use an all-in-one system that did some things well, and other things terrible.
  2. Implement a wide variety of solutions that provided good functionality but don’t communicate well and created data silos which needed to be frequently merged into your main CRM record.

Introducing Driven, purpose built from day one to allow you a seamless software experience across your entire organization with best in class functionality in every area. Use only the applications you need; each Driven product integrates and shares data with any others out of the box.


Driven is...

Donor Driven

What if launching a fully integrated fundraising campaign was as easy as pressing a few buttons? Donor Driven makes that dream a reality. Donor Driven handles all the details, from receipting to data tracking, so you can focus on what’s important: Raising more money.

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Volunteer Driven

Throw out the filing cabinet and digitize your volunteer program end to end. Featuring entirely digital compliance tracking and a mobile app driven experience for your volunteers, once you experience our streamlined volunteer management experience, you won’t be able to go back.

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Association Driven

Simplify membership management for even the most complex organizations. Automatically control access to forums, listservs, and member renewals. Empower your committees to collaborate on documents in real time and track your member’s engagement.

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Driven Advocacy

Supercharge Donor Driven with a comprehensive advocacy features, list building has never been faster or easier with our drag and drop petition and form builders. Seamlessly leverage and communicate with supporters using Donor Driven’s powerful communication suite.

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Integrated Websites

Power your organization’s website on the same powerful platform that runs the rest of your organization. All the same ease of use, support, training, and flexibility that Driven, now available for your website.

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Regardless if you need to offer your gift catalog online, or you have products (digital or physical) to sell. Driven’s on platform e-commerce can power all product sales and automatically flow data into constituent records.

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Welcome to Driven, the last non-profit software you’ll ever need.

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