At the heart of Donor Driven is a comprehensive CRM that pulls every single piece of constituent data into one integrated record. We also save time with automatic data sanitization in extremely robust de-duplication controls.

Full relational CRM

Intuitive user interface, providing you with the right information laid out in the right way.
Create separate organizational records and individual records and their relationships, without the worry of duplication. Mange related household's combined mail, including preferred communication naming conventions.
Flexible, intuitive data architecture allowing you to manage and track your campaigns, appeals, funds and packages.
Powerful features built directly into the constituent record, saving you time on tasks.

Smart Data Management

Duplication check and resolution tools are built directly into the system, flagging possible duplications immediately with the ability to resolve with two clicks.
Donations are seamlessly processed and tracked and data business rules are built right into the tool, automatically formatting proper names, correct formatting or flagging postal code errors.
Audit tracking to clearly see what changes were made in the system, how it impacts the data, who made the changes and revert back if needed.

True all-in one CRM records

All your fundraising data tracking in once place, automatically. No complicated import / exports or connectors to transport data.
Lighting fast loading and on-the-fly searching, even with the largest databases.
Track your constituent data the way you want, with extensive flexibility and customization.
Seamlessly leverage constituent data is any other part of the system, or in any of our other products.


At a glance customizable interface, allowing you with the flexibility to see just what you need when you want it.
Provides you with powerful data driven high level reports and information, keeping you on top of what you need to know.
Controlled by permissions, providing immediate access to your stakeholders who need to see specific information quickly and cleanly.

Constituent Timeline

Searchable, categorizable timeline of all activity for each supporter.
Quickly visualize engagement to see your supporter's journey with your organization based on time.

Tasks, activities, notes and assign

Manage you and your team's daily to do lists while managing your supporters, including assigning actions, and tasks.
Tasks can be sorted and searched, providing you with the information you need quickly.
Pin tasks and notes to your dashboard, putting what you need front and centre.
Tasks can be sorted by type, can be assigned directly to a supporter and to a team member.
Integrate tasks with Google Calendar, displaying your calendar meetings right into your task dashboard.

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