Security is not an afterthought at Driven, from two factor authentication to selecting security focused partners for our core platform infrastructure. We work hard to ensure you will never be part of the next security breach headline.


Mandatory 2 Factor Authentication checks on login.
Intelligent algorithm that adds additional security checks when logging in from a different geographic location than you normally do.
SSO support, or Google, Facebook, Office 365 and Okta.
Granular security permissions allow you limit staff access to any feature in the system, create read only views or even limit access to sets of constituent records.
Strong encryption end to end throughout the system.
Hosted on Amazon Web Services, one of the most stable and secure environments on the market.

Guaranteed Automated Backups

Comprehensive automated back-ups.
Your complete data is preserved by daily backups for 7 days, weekly backups for 7 weeks and monthly backups for 7 months.
If something goes wrong, rolling back is easy and included in your subscription.
Extended back-up retention beyond 7 days, 7 weeks and 7 months available at an additional Investment.

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