Member Types

Completely flexible membership structure allows for unlimited membership levels including non-paying / honorary membership accounts.
Corporate and Family membership accounts also supported. Allow allotments of memberships to corporate members or paying for additional family accounts for family memberships.
Mix-and-match membership structures on as many unique registration pages as needed. Member Driven adapts to your organization, not the other way around.

Dues and Payment

Lower the friction of member registration by accepting the payment method your members prefer. Member Driven supports cheque, cash, credit card and direct bank withdrawal.
Increase member retention with automated renewals. Allow your members to opt-in to having their registration automatically renew every year.
Simplify the complex financial ties between national and chapter offices with a ledger system that automatically keeps a running total of registrations and dues (including those with local and national price components), so it’s clear who owes what to who.
Free form add-on options to allow subscriptions and other options during the member registration process.
Restrict new member registration with optional approval workflows for organizations that require specific credentials to be verified for new members.


Organize all your association's years of accumulated knowledge in one place. Member Driven’s built-in document library allows you to store any document, audio, or video file and in an instantly searchable database.
Access control is built in. You can easily determine what documents are available to the general public and which are members only. Donor Driven handles all the heavy lifting!
Automatically update document lists, when used with our companion CMS product, you can embed certain document types, so that things like specific committee minutes are automatically updated when new documents are added.

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