Event Management

Comprehensive event registration and ticketing. Member Driven’s event management can handle everything from regular member meetings to complete conference registration.
Advantage vs. donation amount. When used with Donor Driven you can automatically track advantage amount and issue a donation receipt for the balance of the ticket registration.
Powerful discounting options allows you to provide coupon codes to anyone, as well as have specific discounted pricing that is automatically applied for members.
Add-ons and sponsorships are a breeze with Member Driven. Setup sponsorship options and event add-ons with just a few clicks of the mouse.
Free-form attendee information and questionnaires allow you to collect all the important information for each attendee and store it in an exportable.

Member Driven features

If you dread logging into your association management software because it feels like a time-wasting hassle every time you do, then we should talk. Even the most complex dues setups are a breeze to manage with Member Driven. What's more, the platform comes with a complete end-to-end suite of features to manage everything from communication to document storage.

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