The Driven Difference
If you’re not using Driven to manage your non-profit, you’re already sacrificing too much time, energy and money. Driven users don’t need to compromise when it comes to delivering exceptional results.
Transparent Pricing
means no more sacrifices

Driven users get more done in less time because everything you need to manage donors, volunteers and/or members is already integrated into one central database. Don't need a product yet? Know that it will work seamlessly with the rest of the Driven suite when you do. Need a feature we don't yet have? Our development team can work with you to add it.

You shouldn't have to sacrifice efficiency for ease of use, or sacrifice features for a lower price, or settle for lackadaisical support, expensive paid support, or no support.

When it comes to effectively managing donors, members, or volunteers, you really can have it all...at a fair price, without constantly being up-sold or nickeled-and-dimed.

The experience has been really good in terms of the response from the team, the personalization and customization that we can have. An email to anyone on the Driven team usually gets responded to within the hour. Which when you have a small team and you need something done, that makes a big difference

Now that we are fully integrated we are enjoying all the aspects of this system: event registration, membership tracking, marketing and emailing our constituents and of course a donor database. All features are in this one product, which has made it cost-effective as well as efficient. Customer service is amazing with very fast response time

Total Integration
means no more frustration

Your Driven non-profit management platform is engineered from the ground up, with a single shared database, to deliver results. If you're still cobbling together three apps, four spreadsheets, and a wall of sticky notes to do your job, your non-profit management software isn't doing its job.

With Driven, your data is universally available wherever and whenever you need it, anywhere on the platform. What's more, you can visualize and make use of your data your way, because we customize the software for your specific needs—at no additional charge.

Unlimited In-House Support
means faster adoption

Have you ever been "ghosted” by a software vendor after your credit card was charged? That will never happen at Driven. Unlimited technical support and training is always included because great support is key to smooth on-boarding and effective long-term utilization of non-profit management software.

Our native English-speaking, North-America-based customer service team is genuinely happy to help you. They work directly with the engineers who created Driven, so you won’t wait hours or days for support.

Need a new customization, a new process, a new widget, a tutorial, or just a helping hand with best practices? We typically respond to support requests the same day, often within the hour. Reach out to us any time by phone, email or live chat and a live person will work with you until the problem is solved.

I truly appreciate working with the team at Driven! They are all outstanding in their professionalism, customer service, and teamwork not only within their company but with the clientele as well. They respond to any email/request rather quickly. They are open to ideas and invite you to share them as they value the feedback of their clients. In fact, they have already implemented some of our ideas.

The benefits have been multiplying through the entire process. The entire Driven team is remarkable to work with. The ability to create and customize and eliminate any barriers to succeed. Fast and professional communication always. The Driven team is looking out for their clients and constantly improving on every level for the benefit of the greater good. We love working with them.

Flexible Implementation
means more efficiency from day 1

Whatever your budget, Driven offers a full-service implementation solution for your organization. With most donor management software, if you don't have a big implementation budget it can feel like you've parachuted into the middle of nowhere without a map. We’ll make sure you always find your way to success.


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