Your Nonprofit Needs a Great Logo and Here’s How to Do It

Your nonprofit should be the same. Having a strong logo will make it easier for people to remember your nonprofit. Your logo should be instantly identifiable, something that really communicates who you are and what you stand for. 

So what exactly makes a logo great? Here are a few tips: 

Timeless: don’t try to hap onto a trend or fad, a good logo with stand the test of time and should still be relevant 10 years from now. 

Original: the whole point of your logo is to create an image that people will instantly link with your NPO so you don’t want it to get confused with someone else's. A quick google search is always a good idea when you begin to have an idea of what your logo might be 

Simple: its a logo so it should be easy to read and uncomplicated. Less is more!

Memorable: will people remember your nonprofit after they see it? 

When designing a logo really think about what your organization's brand is. Everything done to the colours, font and imagery should reflect your NPO’s personality. Coming up with and creating a logo can be overwhelming so here are some steps you can take to come up with the perfect design. 

Start off with a Brainstorming Session

Get your team together and begin thinking about the things that are really important to your organization. Some questions to ask are:
  • Why did we start this organization?
  • What beliefs and values are important to us as a NPO?
  • What makes us different from the rest?
  • What is it that we do best?
  • If we could describe our organization in three words, what would they be?
  • How do we want our donors/supporters to perceive us? 
Use these questions as a conversation starter from there decide if there are any images that symbolize these ideas? Do you have a tagline or motto you can draw inspiration from? Really pinpoint the message you want to get across.


Each colour has its own personality so they can be a powerful tool in delivering you NPO’s message. Here are some of the basic associations made with different colours.
Red: Red is all about excitement, passion and anger. If your organization wants to be deliver a loud message this would be a great pick.

Orange: Similar to red it is very vibrant and energetic but not used as often. It’s a very invigorating and playful colour.

Yellow: If your NPO is accessible and friendly, yellow is a great choice. This colour gives off a cheerful and youthful energy.

Green: green is so versatile it can work with almost anything but is especially perfect for anyone who wants to establish a connection to nature.

Blue: calming and cool, blue symbolizes trustworthiness and maturity. It’s a classic choice.

Purple: Depending on the shade you choose, purple can feel mysterious, eclectic or feminine. It’s often used to symbolize luxury.

Pink: this is a colour commonly used for a youthful and feminine look. There are so many shades from dusty rose to a bright neon that can give your logo a more mature or eccentric feel to it. 

Brown: this is a colour that often gets underestimated  but it works perfectly for rugged and masculine vintage logos. It gives off a handmade, unique and aged vibe.
Black: if you want to look sleek, modern and luxurious black is the way to go. Mix it with white and you will have a great minimalist logo. 
White: As a neutral color white goes with almost everything and add a clean, modern and minimalistic touch. 
Grey: giving off a mature, classic and serious look, grey is a great choice for a strong brand. Darker shades come off as more mysterious, while lighter shades appear more inviting. 

Choose you Typography

Font is just as important as the image you choose. It’s a simple element that can greatly change the feel of your design. There are lots of fonts to choose from but narrowing it down to the type or style you want to use is a great way to start. 


Serif fonts are those with the little "feet” on each letter, the most well known example of this is Times New Roman. These fonts will give your organization a classic, timeless feel. It great if you are going for a high end, almost vintage look.


Sans-serif is a very popular choice for a lot of modern brands. Unlike serif fonts they don’t have the little feet attached to the letters, a great example would be arial or helvetica. They are extremely versatile and give a very clean look. 


This can be anything to a handwriting style font or one inspired by calligraphy with twists and turns on each letter. There is so much diversity in the styles out there that you can use to add either a more elegant or homey look to your logo. 

Display Fonts 

These fonts are unique, high-styled and often custom designed for each logo. They are very decorative and eye catching, and can even be used on their own to stand out. 

Communicate With Your Designer

You can try to make fonts on your own but it would be best to hire a graphic designer to help you out. Especially since your logo is going to be the face of your brand, you’re going to use it for almost everything so it has to be perfect. 

Communicate frequently with your designer and give references if you think it will help them understand your vision. Don’t hesitate to ask for different options or drafts so you have more options when choosing your final design. When you have the right logo, you’ll know it. 

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