These Online Conferencing Services Will Help Your Nonprofit Work Remotely During COVID-19

With the recent updates regarding COVID-19 a lot of organizations are choosing to cancel big public events and conferences for good reasons. Some are even deciding to work from home. The virus has been impacting a lot of workplaces and communities and is altering a lot of the ways that people are operating. 

If you decided it's best for your team to stay out of the office there are a lot of resources to help you work remotely. With all that is going on it is best to be safe than sorry. Here are a few digital tools so you can still hold meetings, stream events and operate your nonprofit from the safety of your home.  

Google Hangouts 

Free, Good for Conferencing and Team Meetings 

Google Hangouts comes with the G Suite and conferencing can be used by people who don’t have a google account. Made for businesses it is simple to use and requires no download at all, users just need a hangouts link and they are able to join a call and have it integrates with their Google Calendar. It also allows video sharing and has a messenger so team members can text each other provided they have a google account. Google Hangouts is a terrific free resource, however it does limit calls to 10 people. They also have apps available so it’s very mobile friendly!


Free for Basic Conferencing There are paid Plans available and they also offer  Webinar plans 

Zoom is another option that is very popular among business, and right now because so many people are working from home they have lifted the 40min cap that is usually placed on free calls. Like hangouts it offers screen sharing, but with Zoom the host can record and share video of the session itself. You do have to install a program which may be annoying to some people, but it is a very quick installation. Zoom also offers webinar software starting at $20/month so they are a great all-in one option.


Free for 20min up to 10 Participants, Paid paid range from $16-21 and they offer Conferencing and Webinar Services  

GoTo Meeting does offer a free version but it doesn’t give you much. Known for its quality GoToMeeting is very popular among businesses. It offers screen scaring, mobile conferencing, video recording and transcription services. You can connect it with word, powerpoint and other Office Suite programs. However, it’s free program isn’t the most flexible so if your looking for a short term solution it may not be your best bet. 

Facebook Live

Free! Great for Live Streaming Events

If you're looking for  a way to connect with a large audience and share events with your followers, Facebook Live is the place to go. You can promote the stream on your social medias and share what's going on in your organization without you supporters having to leave their home. You can live stream events, do a Q&A or if your an animal centre have a digital adoption stream where you can introduce your animals to viewers. 

Cisco Webex 

Free or there are paid plans ranging from $17-35, Good for Conferencing 

Cisco Webex is a very simple platform that has so many features like screen sharing, webinars, video conferencing, mobile conferencing, digital white boards and more! You get a lot with their free plan, with unlimited meetings and up to 100 participants it’s a fantastic option for those working remotely. Users just need to tap a link to join so it is so simple to get on board with Cisco Webex

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By on Mar 16, 2020, 12:00 AM


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