Have you tried a 24-hour fundraiser?

24 hour fundraiser

Keep it fresh and consider a 24-hour fundraising campaign for your year-end campaigns. Although 24 hours may not seem like a ton of time, the right strategy can help you raise many funds. 

The most significant feature of a 24-hour fundraiser is urgency. It focuses on appealing to your donor’s emotions and builds fear of missing out within your audience. Urgency is one of the powerful emotions in human psychology since it encourages your audience to act fast. 

24-hour fundraisers are also flexible. They can happen anywhere and fit easily into your marketing strategy. You can focus on peer-to-peer fundraisers or host a 24-hour event, there are many options, and we are here to help. 

Having a dedicated peer-to-peer platform not only allows you to collect donations but track your progress along the way. With our quick configuration, you can have your campaign up and running in minutes! Not to mention, we offer gamification tools on the platform which can help to build momentum and competition, perfect for shorter fundraisers like these! 

Marketing your Fundraiser 

Before getting started, know what your audience spends their time on, this will guide your communications team in deciding where to host and promote your fundraiser. Social media is a great place to start because everyone is using it. You can easily create a page for your fundraiser on Facebook, or go live on Instagram, TikTok or Twitch! 

Email is another great way to plug your event. You can provide donors with links, invites to groups and share your progress. It also allows you to target your messages to specific donor segments. 

Five 24 Hour Fundraisers That Will CReate Serious FOMO


Video Game Marathon

Gamers have dominated the streaming industry, paving the way for Twitch and Youtube Gaming Channels to take over. If you have a younger audience or many gamers in your donor mix, this is the perfect way to get donors engaged with your cause. 

Since COVID has taken over the world, it may be hard to have a physical video game marathon but you can always stream online. Many games can be played online, like Mario Kart, Among Us and Minecraft. 

Another way you can approach a gaming fundraiser is to partner with an influencer through Twitch stream. We interviewed Aly Sweetman, Community Manager at Twitch, and she broke down all the details in our podcast interview below! 

Partner With A Local Business

Help support a local business that matches your values by partnering with them for 24 hours. You can do a social media take-over or ask the business if they are willing to pledge a percentage of their sales to your cause. 

You can promote their services on your social media, and they can help host a fundraiser on your behalf. 

Go Viral

It’s the digital age, so why not try going viral? Take the internet by storm and hop on a trend to gain an audience for your cause. The ice bucket challenge was one of the biggest viral campaigns and helped raise millions for ALS. 

Start your challenge, or at least hop on to a popular TikTok trend. For more information on becoming a TikTok star, we have a complete guide on TikTok for charity. 

Support Local Talent 

With all of the COVID craziness happening, some people still aren’t comfortable attending in-person events. To keep a safe distance, have fun and support local talent, consider partnering with local talent to teach a lesson or put on a show! Some ideas could be: 
  • Hosting a digital drag show 
  • Have an artist lead a drawing or painting class
  • Ask local musicians to perform in a digital concert
Depending on your area’s policies, you can also host a mini outdoor market where people can sell their art and donate a portion of their proceeds to your organization. Just like partnering with local businesses, it’s a great way to raise money and support your community. 

Host an Auction

Try a Facebook charity auction to sell gently used or donated items. You can create a Facebook group and encourage your supporters to get involved in the big day. Collect all of the things and post each of them throughout the day, leaving the most exciting for the end of the day. 

By collecting the donated items beforehand you can take the necessary precaution to ensure they are sanitized and delivered safely. 

Promote Your Campaign

24 hour fundraisers are short and you only have one day to make an impact so you have to build awareness around your campaign. This is where a robust CRM can come in handy. 

Having a donor management system that can send and track email campaigns will make this process so much easier as it allows you to input your data right into your database. You should be sending emails to your supporters in the weeks leading up to your campaign to get them excited to participate. 

It’s also important to follow up after the campaign wraps. Consider creating a separate donation form specifically for the 24 campaign so you can segment donors by who participated in your giving day. Then it’s much easier to send emails thanking them for joining you and supporting your cause! 


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