Fundraising Superheroes Episode 7: N2N's Robin Knickle and the Power of a Handwritten Note



Finding donor’s is all about creating relationships and no one knows that better than Neighbour to Neighbour’s Robin Knickle. She has been fundraising for over 18 years and always knew she wanted to work in an industry that allowed her to help people. Her passion combined with her friendly personality makes her a true Fundraising Superhero!

"What I’m bringing to neighbour to Neighbour as Director of Development is really relationship based fundraising” explains Robyn. "The number one rule in fundraising is people give to people... I find real strategy and reward in making those connections.” Robyn explained that you should always make an effort to show your donors that you value their support and "there is no better time spent than writing a handwritten note. 

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Podcast Feb 26, 2020, 12:00 AM

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