Fundraising Superheroes Episode 5: BabyGoRound Knows What Goes into a Great Corporate Partnership




On this episode of Fundraising Superheroes BabyGoRound’s Founder and Vice Chair Niki Cumming and Director of Fundraising Theresa Pearson. BabyGoRound is a NPO located in Vancouver, British Columbia with the mission to provide baby gear for families in need. They offer a one of a kind experience by allowing parents to "shop” for their items with volunteers creating a more intimate experience. 

Since opening their doors in 2012, BabyGoRound has grown tremendously and have made some strong corporate partnerships along the way. So how do you secure your first corporate partnership? "I think ultimately it comes down to relationships and connections you already have. Depending on your size it can be your board or your volunteers.” says their Director of Fundraising Theresa Pearson. "It needs to be a fit for your organization, that is probably the most important thing.”

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Podcast Feb 20, 2020, 12:00 AM

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