Fundraising Superheroes Episode 1: The Townsend Smith Foundation on the Importance of Community



Everything that the Townsend-Smith Foundation does is for the community. Working out of Milton, ON their dream is to build a hospice to serve the Milton and Halton Hills area and with all the hard work they’ve been doing that dream is coming true. 

Their message is one from the heart and their success grows with every connection they make. Janet Townsend, the foundation’s founder explains that "talking to people who have lost a loved one, they tend to be our biggest donors because they know what takes place and they know what it involves to care for a loved one in their last days”.

But it also takes a lot of hard work, and more importantly a plan to reach the top. Kate Holmes, their Director of Development has done wonders to propel the organization forward. She has such a passion for what she does, but also a business plan that she explains is crucial for any nonprofit to have. "There are so many other awesome organizations that people can be donating to so what you need to be representing is that you are a solid organization so it is really important to have that plan.” 

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Leadership,Podcast Feb 25, 2020, 12:00 AM

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