Driven's Ultimate Guide to Corporate Gift Matching

Corporate gift matching is an innovative way to raise money for both nonprofits and businesses. When a company agrees to match their employee’s donation, it inspires giving and generates good press for the business. As a nonprofit, it can be a terrific way to boost revenue without needing your donors to give more. 

While corporate gift matching is common, there are still many employees who don’t know if their donations are eligible for matching programs. Having a solid understanding of how these programs work can help your donors by showing them how simple corporate gift matching can be. Not to mention, it’s a terrific way to build employee engagement and develop a business’ CSR (corporate social responsibility) strategy.

Benefits of Corporate Gift Matching

There are so many ways that corporate gift matching can benefit not only you but participating companies and your donors! Gift matching can increase the impact of a donation making your donor feel even better about their gift. 

According to Double the Donation, 84% of donors reported they are more likely to give if they know employers will match their gift. Donors also indicated that they would be willing to donate more if a match was applied to their gift. 

This information can help you build better relationships with donors by keeping them aware of corporate gift matching programs in their area. If they know their donation has the possibility of going even further, they will be more likely to support your nonprofit. 

Companies also benefit by participating in a great cause while building company culture. Not to mention matched gifts are tax-deductible when partnering with a tax-eligible nonprofit. Contributing to their corporate responsibility is something a lot of businesses prioritize, so use it to your advantage!

Types of Matching Gifts


Matching Gifts For Employees

This is the program you are probably most familiar with. Companies will usually match gifts with a 1:1 ratio, but each organization is different and could have different matching ratios. Many youtube 500 companies like Google have incredible matching gift programs. If you work with a lot of established local businesses, consider asking if they would be willing to use a gift matching program as part of their CSR.

Volunteer Matching 

Volunteer matching is when corporations will match their employee’s volunteer work with a dollar donation. Each organization will have different ways of calculating their match; it can be based on an hourly basis or give a lump sum if they work a certain amount of hours. 

Matching for Board Members

Plenty of companies will have employee gift matching, but some will also have special opportunities for board members. If an employee serves on a board, they may be eligible for a higher matching ratio. 

How Can Nonprofits Market Matching Gifts?

Often corporate gift matching will be mentioned in an employee benefits package, but there are still many people who are unaware of their companies matching gift program! Encourage your donors to talk with their boss to see if they are eligible. 

There is a lack of awareness surrounding gift matching, so try to promote it where you can within your marketing strategy or donation process. Here are a few ideas on how to start. 

Donation Pages

If someone reached your donation page, it is clear they are interested in donating! Allow them to see if they are eligible for gift matching by embedding a search tool into your page. This allows your donor to look for their employer without leaving the page and is an easy way to check.

Dedicate a Page on Your Website

Design a page on your website to provide information on matching gift programs and how to check with your employer. You can list businesses with matching programs that you worked with in the past or provide a search bar. If you need a tool to help, you Double the Donation has a searchable corporate gift matching program that is perfect for this! 

Social Media

Social media is an effective way to market corporate matching gifts. Spotlight donors and companies that have successfully submitted matching gifts to show others how easy it is to match gifts!


Your newsletters are an incredible marketing tool and the perfect place to remind donors of corporate gift matching. If you send out regular newsletters, consider delegating a section to matching gifts or make a note of mentioning it regularly. 

If it doesn’t fit into your newsletter, you can always send a general email with more information on how to check for eligibility.

Direct Mail

Direct mail can add a personal touch to your messaging by delivering it right to your donor’s door. When parted with a digital strategy, direct mail can be extremely effective and a great way to promote gift matching. Mention it as an option when marketing campaigns or sending year-end appeals. 


Companies offer matching gift programs as part of their corporate philanthropy and because it’s a great way to get involved with company culture. Gift matching can be a great way to boost fundraising revenue and get donors excited about increasing their impact. 

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By Sabrina Sciscente (RA) on Mar 19, 2021, 12:00 AM


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