Donor Engine Welcomes Our Newest Clients: Life Water and the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra

Donor Engine is excited to announce that Lifewater Canada and the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra have recently joined our client list. Both organizations have signed up for Donor Engine, our all-in-one data solution. 

Lifewater opened its doors in 1995, intending to save as many lives as possible by providing clean drinking water and educational opportunities for both girls and boys. Their vision is to provide equal opportunities for people living all over the world, working "one drop at a time.” 

The Vancouver Symphony Orchestra has been operating as a nonprofit since 1919 and performs 150 concerts a year in the Metro Vancouver area. The VSO not only puts on spectacular performances but aims to educate and advocate for music education. 

By managing both organization’s donor database, Donor Engine hopes to be a part of their continued success and save hours in data management. CFO and Head of Product Dave Saraiva is looking forward to working with the organizations, "We're excited to be adding these two amazing partners to the Donor Engine ecosystem, and we're excited for the success they'll both experience using our products.”

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Press,New Clients Oct 1, 2020, 12:00 AM

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