Donor Engine Welcomes a New Client: The Royal Astronomy Society of Canada

Donor Engine is happy to announce their newest client The Royal Astronomy Society of Canada. Since 1869 RASC has supported Canadians in their quest to learn more about the universe by hosting free astronomy activities. With more than five thousand members and twenty-eight centres across the country, they are always willing to share their experience and knowledge with others. 

Donor Engine provides RASC with their all-in-one nonprofit software. More than just a Donor Database, Donor Engine offers marketing, automation and donation management tools that are easy to use. By using Donor Engine The Royal Astronomy Society of Canada can focus more on connecting Canadians to astrology and less on managing their data.

Dave Saraiva the CEO of Donor Engine is thrilled to have RASC on board, "We're excited to help RASC streamline their entire software infrastructure, and save their staff significant amounts of time”.

About The Royal Astronomy Society of Canada 
Founded in 1868, The Royal Astronomical Society of Canada is Canada's leading astronomy organization, bringing together over 5,000 enthusiastic amateurs, educators, and professionals. In addition to many national services, our 29 Centres offer local programs across Canada.
About Donor Engine 
Donor Engine is changing the landscape of software for non-profits one organization at a time. Get in touch if you want to work smarter, more efficiently and leverage your constituent data more effectively.

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By on Apr 6, 2020, 12:00 AM

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